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pretty good overall. its something more. it has a personality unlike any other. only one small question. did you make this yourself or did your friend really send this to you and you still cant solve it? If so i might be up for cracking the case. only thing i was really freaked out by was the "lost souls" (im going to call them that) and the peach corpse jumpscare. if you are able to answer this what is the "transfer" thing all about? If this is really a being that seeks for help, how can i help it?

i want to turn this little "game" into a full blown ARG, but if you want to turn it into an ARG, then you might need some help. I could help if you need me to, but back to the original. I feel as if there might be some secret code to enter into the keyboard to actually unlock the end of the level. if this is really a cursed rom hack from your friend, i possibly could look into the code and extend the end of the level to see whats past it, or it was something about coin collection? the files in the game actually said something about collecting all the coins to see the secret, so maybe it has to do something with that.

also for anyone who is wondering if this is safe to play, yes and no. it doesnt do anything, but i would still listen to the rules in the files just to be safe. dont respond to any questions, and close the game if you hear static, that kind of thing. im afraid i broke a few of the rules, but i wasnt speaking for the entire time. it says to delete the game immediately if your background changes, but luckily that hasnt happened to me yet. 

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hey, this is actually safe of play??, i mean... there is any risk of getting a virus??


hate it they made mario worse you use dorkly

The fuck is Dorky

dorkly bits dude!


wait he used dorkly? i thought he used unity

nope, it's mario's sprite


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Compilation of part 2 at 23%

- COINS.exe added